Customer care is super important when you’re shopping online. Even more important when you’re buying your expensive electronics like smartphones, laptops, tablets, etc., at online stores. Personally, for me it’s the one deciding factor in picking an online store.

Good customer care makes all the difference when you buy just about anything online.

Most online stores make it fairly straightforward to reach their support team in case anything goes wrong. But some online stores don’t. This makes an online purchase a lot more painful.

Major online stores like Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal, and others have a dedicated round the clock support staff to handle your queries. You just need to make sure you approach them the right way, and through the right channel. It will not only get your problem solved quickly, but also help you get the right resolution you need.

Let’s talk about what are some of the most efficient ways to reach customer care teams at Amazon, Flipkart, Paytm, and Snapdeal to get your problems fixed. I’ll try and add more stores later.


Amazon Customer Service

Amazon India has a great online support system. You’ve got very less chances of anything going wrong when you buy at Amazon. But uncle Murphy spares no one, and there’s always that one odd chance of something going wrong.

First things first, reach out to Amazon’s customer care team via their online chat. You can initiate a conversation by clicking on Customer Service on the website, select the relevant order, and pick online chat when you get the options.

You don’t have to wait more than a minute or two to get connected to an Amazon representative on chat. Since you’re chatting online, it’s easy to just copy paste relevant numbers like order or tracking details. This should always be your first method of contacting support on Amazon.

In case you are not satisfied with the resolution, you could ask the customer support representative to connect you to someone higher up the chain. You’ll be instantly connected to a team leader who will go through your previous conversations, and offer you a resolution.

You could also drop an e-mail if you don’t have the time to chat online, or place a phone call. Make sure you include all relevant details if you’re sending them an e-mail to ensure you don’t have to respond to multiple messages later on.

Amazon also offers support via Amazon on Twitter and Facebook, but they normally would just redirect you to their online support pages.


Flipkart is one of the first few e-commerce companies in India that started offering great customer support. This became one of the biggest reason for its growth in the country.

If you want to reach out to Flipkart’s customer support team, you’ve got multiple options. I highly recommend getting in touch with them directly on Twitter. They are pretty responsive, and normally resolve simple queries in a matter of a few hours.

In case you’re not on Twitter, you can drop them an e-mail via their website or request a callback. Again, simple problems are almost fixed right away while complex issues could take at least 24–48 hours to resolve.


Snapdeal’s customer service has grown a lot since the last one year. They went from being unresponsive with bigger problems to highly helpful and easier to get in touch with.

The best ways to reach out to Snapdeal’s customer care team is to ping them directly on Snapdeal on Twitter or drop them an email using their help centre. They get a large number of queries on Twitter so expect them to miss a few or respond a little later.

E-mails work pretty well for Snapdeal’s support. Phone calls take slightly longer to get a problem heard and resolved, but they still work if you’ve got enough time and patience.


Paytm is another major online retailer in India that offers great online support to its customers. Since Paytm is more than just an online store, you need to ensure you pick the right method to reach out for support.

For general queries that may be regarding money transfers, cashback, or even recharges and online orders, the best way to reach Paytm’s customer care team is to ping them on Twitter. They have a dedicated handle (@PaytmCare) for answering support related queries.

For order specific queries you could reach Paytm’s support representatives using their mobile app. Pick the order, and select contact support under the relevant order listing. Enter details, and offer as much information as possible regarding your issue.

Escalating Issues

If you are not satisfied with a response from a customer care representative you can escalate your issues to higher up the chain. You cannot directly access team leaders or managers, but you can ask to be connected to someone superior while you’re on a call or dropping an e-mail to the support team.

Your issue may be escalated, and further investigated upon depending on the nature of your complaint. Most of the times the escalating officers can only offer the same resolution as the regular customer support executives.

A Few Pro Tips On Reaching Online Support Teams

  1. Always remember, customer support representatives are there to help you out. That’s their job. The number one golden rule is to stay calm and don’t lose your cool when you interact with them.
  2. Try and explain your problem with all the relevant information that might be helpful.
  3. Never give away complete payment information. Representatives can easily solve problems using the last 3–4 digits of your payment details.
  4. Be careful when you seek support online. Don’t giveaway personal information on public platforms like Facebook or Twitter. There have been known cases where people have misrepresented their profiles as official handles for online stores to seek personal and financial information from users.