The iPhone is not just a smartphone in India. It’s a status symbol. Or at least it used to be. Everything from the premium price tag to yearly release cycles, makes the iPhone an enticing smartphone purchase for any Indian consumer.

According to Strategy Analytics, the second quarter of 2016 saw 31 million smartphones being shipped in India, with Android taking up a massive 97% of the market share. Meanwhile iPhone sales fell 35%, and iOS makes up for 2.4% of the Indian smartphone market.

The second quarter has always been tricky, be it for Apple or its prospective customers in India. Apart from the obvious new iPhone announcement, it’s the coming festive season sale which keeps a lot of customers from purchasing a new iPhone.

Buying an iPhone during Diwali Sale

Diwali sales at major online stores in India help bring down iPhone’s selling prices to a lot of extent. The discounts aren’t as ridiculous as they used to be, but any discount on an iPhone is a good discount, especially for customers who are willing to spend the kind of money it takes to grab an iPhone in India.

A lot of customers believe that the Diwali sale season is the best time to buy an iPhone in India. Almost everyone is willing to offer you a discount in the hopes of selling more units and making a larger profit on that. You can even expect to get bundled offers from telecom operators as well as credit and debit card companies.

If you are in the market for a new iPhone, it totally makes all the sense in the world to wait till Diwali. The difference in the iPhone selling price can be as large as ₹5,000 and as low as ₹2,000–3,000 compared to the usual iPhone selling price for rest of the year.

Buy older iPhone or wait for new one?

Buying a new iPhone on Diwali means you’re most likely purchasing the iPhone that was announced last year. It’s also a sweet time to buy last year’s iPhone because by this time the jury is out, any known issues have already been resolved, and most of all you’re not paying the maximum retail price like other who bought the phone on day one.

An older iPhone may not necessarily mean just the last-generation device. A lot of consumers in India also end up purchasing much older iPhone variants like the iPhone 4S. This year the iPhone 5S is expected to take up a large chunk of the sales, apart from iPhone 6.

Last year’s iPhone 6S may not receive its due share of discounts since Apple India has already hinted at raising prices well before the festive season sale. This means a majority of Diwali offers on iPhones would comprise of discounts on variants such as the iPhone 5s and the iPhone 6. Both these devices are getting iOS 10 this year so it doesn’t really matter, provided you get a great deal on it.

Waiting for the new iPhone isn’t really recommended, not unless you have a good amount of cash you want to blow up. The latest-generation iPhone generally arrives with a full blown MRP, and is sold at the same for a few weeks at least. A few online retailers may surprise (like Paytm last year) with cashback offers within the first month of launch itself.